Pheonix Rising


'Time to Fly in a Limitless Sky'

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Pheonix Rising - time to fly in a limiteless sky - Jenny Sessions - Olivia Beardsmore - sa


'Phoenix Rising, Time to Fly in a Limitless Sky'', a collection of works by five courageous women including myself; stories and memoirs of personal alchemy.

My memoir nestled like a sleeping dragon within the dynamic cover of the book is ironically called 'A Pearl From The Wreckage'. I document a disturbing yet significant part of my human journey to become evermore my true and authentic self. To fully choose life, own the power of my voice and support others to shine their light, stonkingly bright on their sacred journey homeward bound.

My song is woven through the book and has felt like the spine on which to hang the essence of me on my long journey, ‘back to life'.

The ebook version of the book will be launched on 20.11.21 at the Burning Woman Online Festival which I will be co-hosting with Olivia Beardsmore. The paperback copy is scheduled to be out at the end of this month. There will be a live interview with all the authors to share our experience of this journey... inviting you to step into the fires of transformation with us as you prepare your own beautiful feathers to rise up and take flight. I look forward to welcoming all of you, Ambassadors of Unity and sharing your magnificent company along our way.

To pre-order/ order a soft-back copy of the Phoenix Rising book please email or call Jen-ix direct. Leave a clear message stating your wish to order the Pheonix Rising book with all your details.


One God


A fascinating journey to discover truth. Who is ONE GOD?

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Jenny Lynne Sessions aka Jen-ix features alongside other healers in author Jenna Kitchingham's book One God (Part 1).

For the first time ever ONE GOD brings together unique, simple, and personal insights into the core beliefs of some of the world's major religions, new-age spirituality, and wisdom from other-planetary races. The same SIX BIG QUESTIONS have been asked to Muslims, Hindus, Shamans, Vedantists, Christians, Agnostics, Sufis, and Sirians, to name a few. These incredible answers are revealed right here bringing to light “Who is ONE GOD”.