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Shamanic Gathering UK at Earth Spirit Centre

7-11th Sept 2022

I was really pleased to be invited to host a workshop again this year for the Shamanic Gathering UK. I love my time every year wondering through Glastonbury and beyond opening hearts and minds, planting seeds, compassionately rattling cages, giving and receiving through workshops, 1:1 healings and journeys. I relish the flow of life that guides me to new inner and outer landscapes when I’m present in the moment, connected to my heart and able to surrender. That place where magic lives.

Many adventures were had, many new threads woven check out snippets in above video beginning with some lovely feedback I received after my workshop at the gathering…

Jenix on the Tor with group 01.jpeg

On the way up the Tor I met Jen McCarty for a deep & meaningful multidimensional conversation. Both of us had forgotten we had planned to meet in Brighton that day. However the universe made sure we stayed on track and the connection needed was made!

I was compelled to get to the top of the Tor (with breathers) enabling me to realise the power of space in all that I do which enables a greater appreciation of the moment that I am in. When I reached the top, I was again compelled to sing, there were many people gathered, a part of me did not want to interrupt them, but I found myself inviting them to share a blessing song. They were all so happy and responsive. My reticence dissipated and I allowed the healing frequencies to sing themselves through me.

Jenix on the Tor with group 02.jpeg

It was such a pleasure to share time with a group of heartfelt Canadian folk on a pilgrimage. I was so moved when one of the group gave me a feather, which she said had landed on my heart whilst I was singing. What a beautiful sacred affirmation for us all. See videos in gallery:

Divine Interventions on Glastonbury Tor

Divine Interventions on Glastonbury Tor

Divine Interventions on Glastonbury Tor