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'Let Love Be Your Guiding Star'


Name : Ambassadors of Unity T-Shirt


SIZES: S / M / L / XL  (organic)

COLOURS:  blue / green / grey / black / red / plum / purple / orange

( XXL available only in non organic and purple colour choice.)


If you would like to order one of these bespoke 'Ambassador of Unity' t-shirts, then please email or call Jen-ix direct

with 'T-SHIRT ALERT!' as reference:

COST:  £24.99  +   £5 p/p

They were inspired by two things . The sentiments from my newly released medicine song, which carries a healing energetic transmission and encoded blessing within it .“Thank You For My Life, Great Spirit “. Do check it out on bandcamp.  The other inspiration was my magical dog Rockkzi.


As Ambassadors of Unity, we must remember the power of gratitude especially during such pivotal times as these. As well as the supreme Importance of claiming and heralding our glorious selves as sovereign beings. It is not easy being human. We so often forget to acknowledge the magnificence of ourselves or celebrate the amazing seeds that we are all  constantly planting  on our journeys. 


Though we may not see them all come to fruition I have no doubt that there is a constant beautiful and bounty filled ripple effect of good medicine being shared and echoing round the planet.  My incredible Anam Cara ,soul friend. A beautiful orange staffy by the name of Rockkzi ,aka “The Jedi Frog Princess”,  my other inspiration who returned home to the  stars on 5th August 2021.  I Invited her spirit just before she died to share with me the message she wanted to leave us with. You might say I am both an animal and people whisperer, a soul whisperer . 


I was in an MRI scanner for myself that day connecting with The Jedi Frog Princess offering her some healing when I felt her very strong defined and gentle precence in no uncertain terms. This experience was swiftly followed by a very clear message. “Let love be your guiding star” and so it is. This gave me total goosebumps and felt bang on the button.


As Ambassadors Of Unity we must nurture our self care, stand together with clear intent and sovereign hearts open. Our motivation for the benefit of all beings. By raising our vibration we bring ourselves into greater alignment and embodiment with all that is to become a healthy conduit for healing, a tour de force upon the planet, if that is indeed our path.


As Ambassadors of Unity we are a very very potent medicine.

May we tread softly, mindfully and compassionately in  support  of healing our beautiful planet.









Lyrics from Thank You For Your Life ,Great Spirit


It is time, it is time 

Tis the hour

To celebrate the seeds

We’ve sewn

It is time, it is time 

Tis the hour to rejoice 

and then let go


Lift our selves, lift our selves higher 

Reclaim our sovereignty Change our hearts

Change our minds 

open hearted

Ambassadors Of Unity


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