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I was fortunate to receive a Shamanic healing journey from Jenix recently in her spirited space. Front start to finish Jenix was connected to my soul through her work, by using her gifts that she has received and experienced over 20 years. A very deep healing journey, front the moment I arrived to the moment I left. I was blessed to be given some extra time during as I was greatly receiving and connecting to the magic that was being brought. My heart felt lighter and my head clearer on many levels... I am looking forward to working with Jenix in the future. Gratitude for you existence 🙏

L Hobson

An authentic Sacred space held with essence, integrity, and respect where Sacred intention shines through and Sacred Medicine abounds with drumming, singing and journeying.
Jenyx's connection with Lakota teachings is an influence that I experience transmitted through the delivery of her own connection with song and ceremony.

S Jarrah-Moon

Jenix's Circle of Feathers brings together a beautiful community right in the heart of Hove. We all have a need for the sacred in our lives, to find deep meaning and peace within. This work is transformational and very healing. For me, Jenix has a soothing, grounded and uplifting presence, and she is very accomplished as a leader. I was transported to another realm where it felt light and peaceful and left feeling profoundly much better. Thank you

M Chapman

Such a beautiful evening and inspirational woman. A magical space of love, deep soul exploration and community. All Interwoven with the soothing sound of shamanic drumming and song. A truly liberating and blessed experience xx

S Stacey

Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager

I am a huge fan of Jenny Lynne Sessions aka Jenix and her sincere, transparent authentic way of telling it like it is and helping people to find their path.


As always I enjoyed her talk on Thursday’s January event.


I appreciate how she blends together many facets of human 'being' to formulate 'in the moment' and 'spontaneous' experiences that help the listener connect to their true self and touch upon things that are requiring attention.


She does this with humour, fun and surprise which is what I enjoy because I find so much of this kind of work does tend to be very serious and heavy.


Jenix is able to bring the lightness of spirit to the hero's journey which is precisely what it most needs.


She has the gift of voice and sound and shares her inspiring story about how this came to be and how this was not always the case. She invites the listener to also connect and get curious with their voice and what they have to say.


I get the sense that there are no limits with the frameworks that she is able to facilitate. I've observed her work over the many good years that I've know her and always walk away with the smile of recognising a true master teacher in the most wonderful and humbling way.


Jenix qualifies as a healer and catalyst for transformation due to her multi-dimensional sense perception. She is able to see, hear, sense, perceive and feel the many levels of experience giving a bigger picture of what is really going on. This facilitates rapid transformation because you can get straight to the heart of the matter. — with Jenny Lynne Sessions.

Maria AC

Having worked with other Shamanic practitioners I thought that I had a good idea of what working with Jenix would be like. 


Boy did I get it wrong. 


It was an amazingly immersive experience where I was fully involved in what was going on, not just a passive participant. 


Don’t be put off by working online either. It’s just as powerful I can assure you.


Jenix is amazingly intuitive and seems to know exactly the areas that need to be worked on, helping you to re-tell old stories, give up what doesn’t belong to you and forgive who you need to forgive. 


I immediately felt lighter and happier after my session with Jenix and things have been improving since. 


I would highly recommend working with Jenix. It’s amazing. 

David Russell

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