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View, read or listen to Jen-ix

in interviews & at spirit events.

Podcast Farm interview with K-Lee Marks (founder of Pocast Farm, USA)

Right off the bat, Jen-ix shares a wonderful guided meditation and medicine song. 

This episode goes into:
- Authenticity
- Choosing to really live our life
- How to be your own medicine
- Turning your trauma into your treasure
- And more...

Ready to launch your podcast? Get help here:

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Jenny Lynne Sessions akakJen-ix interview with Rachael Talbot.png

Interview by Rachael Talbot with Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix) & Marina Robb

A podcast about "coming home to self", what is means and how they have both travelled this journey in different ways.

Enjoy Jenny Lynne Sessions and Marina Rob as they journey together.

Future Proof TV Interview

Interview with Sarah Hopwood, who does business programmes and interview on merits of emotional intelligence. In this episode she shares with Jenny Lynne Sessions on how her and Jen-ix met and her story.

Jenny Lynne Sessions aka Jen-ix - Future Proof Interview.png

Jenny Lynne Sessions interview with Elisa Beth Haransky-Beck

"An Invitation Back to Gratitude" with Jenny Lynne Sessions, (Jen-IX).

UnMasking Jenny Lynne Sessions – A Bridge Between the Worlds

An interview between Jen-ix and Rachael Talbot from 

her Unmasking The Feminine series.

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inspiring talks brighton with Jenny Lynne Sessions.jpeg

Inspiring Talks Brighton

Lisa Moore invites Jen-ix to share her 'Pearls Of Wisdom'  -

Spiritual Light Fairs

Jenny is invited to share her medicine on the channel

spiritual light fairs with Jenny Lynne Sessions akak Jen-ix.jpeg
The Daily EQ Show.png

The Daily EQ Show 
Interview's Jen-ix

"The most powerful part of this interview was listening to Jen-ix chant and sing, which sent shivers down my spine!" - Deborah McPhilemy  -

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