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'Healer know thyself'

Jenny describes herself as a "Creative Catalyst for Change and Transformation, a bridge between the worlds”. And that's exactly how she comes across when you talk to her. Originally trained in Trans-Personal Counselling and Psychotherapy, she now works as a Shaman, Healer and Channel. With an incredible voice and ability to work with sound frequencies, she is both unusual and powerful. After a near-death experience in 2009 Jenny recommitted to life with a new frequency to become her own medicine and turn trauma to treasure.

This is what she now teaches, inspiring others to share their radiance.


My purpose in part is to create opportunity and facilitate folk to become ever more their own medicine, to open hearts, through self recognition and self care, to help strengthen spiritual connection and in so doing serve others more profoundly without that being at the expense of oneself.It is time to celebrate ourselves and each other and the power we have to contribute to positive change upon this beautiful planet during the short time we are here individually and as a community.As an alchemist I welcome and facilitate transformation, the turning of mayhem to medicine, trauma to treasure, always with great respect for the medicinal power of humour.


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Whilst singing a song to the spirits of the land, I heard a whisper in my ear... "It is a circle of feathers, not a trail of tears"



Whilst singing a song to the spirits of the land, I heard a whisper in my ear... "It is a circle of feathers, not a trail of tears"

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New Single!

Thank You For My Life Great Spirit

Pheonix Rising - time to fly in a limiteless sky - Jenny Sessions - Olivia Beardsmore - sa

New Book!

Phoenix Rising

‘Time To Fly In A Limitless Sky’

co-author Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix)

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A Circle of Feathers

The Power of Community & Spirit



Ambassadors of Unity

Let Love Be Your Guiding Star



Earth Echoes

Circle of Feathers Community


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Rainbow Spider Medicine

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