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Updated: Apr 20, 2022


Our souls are being stretched, So we can know our limits What we choose to hold What we are able to hold And what we no longer wish to entertain The tide is turning Escape hatches are being revealed A land of plenty waiting A leap of faith beckoning A new story being written A medicine that will heal, accepted A peace riding the wind as yet unimaginable Are you coming with us? Or are you already up ahead? We will all rest together on arrival And breath new life back into every strand of mycelium Every cell and every bone Every artery every organ Every wish and every dream Until our chemistry shines by our example Until our smiles bring starlight back to blackened skies Our spirits know their mission and heaven lands on earth to raise us high once more On dragons breath return us home Through sun and moon Through fire and ice Through wind and rain To kiss the earth and plant again To plough the fields and scatter The good seeds on the land

To plough the fields and scatter

Our good seeds upon the land

Jenny Lynne sessions (Jen-ix (c) 2021

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