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Rainbow Spider Medicine

The rainbow spiders weaving

the rainbow spiders here

stop, listen to your dreamings

and release ancestral fears

Walk your talk

don’t wander blindly

no time left

to live it small

embrace your path

It’s time to laugh

stop climbing up the wall

Open up your precious heart

and let the sunshine in

Thank you for the

healing gift of

spider medicine

As she weaves her silver thread

she holds a blessed and sacred space

awakening new life within

And welcoming with grace

Our heartbeat is the sacred drum

that calls community

the rainbow spider spins her web

in perfect harmony

When we change our minds

to change our lives

and raise our frequency

we welcome every soul

with joy

and heal humanity

Shadow is our teacher

the light will never die

the rainbow spiders’ medicine

is good and clean and wise

Celebrate queen Spider

her medicine so strong

she teaches us connection

weaving magic all day long

Become the centre of your web

weave ‘our new earth’

with common threads

doors once locked

will fly wide open

pure love will heal

what has been broken

String your pearls of wisdom

on the necklace of your breath

inviting transformation

to bless your sacred quest

Wisdom and humility

true presence in the now,

a clear intent that’s heaven sent

will blossom like a flower

Shadow is our teacher

the light will never die

rainbow spiders’ medicine

helps us to laugh and cry

Let the sun shine in

and the waters rush n flow

dive into the depths of you

and bless the after glow

Let the moon flood in

as a zillion stars ascend

and rainbow spider woman

gifts her sacred medicine

Jenny Lynne Sessions (c) 29.08.22

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