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Loki - The Norwegian Trickster Spirit

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Magic is all around us and within us . It is for us to call it in with heart-led intent then let go with gratitude and be ready to fly high in a limitless sky.

I called this picture Loki by accident I was trying to get somebody attention on top of an email by putting Loki Loki. I noticed an addition to the original surprised I was. As I wrote Loki it rang a distant bell…..

LOKI Turns out to be a Norwegian trickster spirit How fitting is this !!

The picture was going on a journey but was sent back initially because of the appearance of a strange arm like extra image with a finger pointing upwards which I did not put there and was not on original.

I was invited at the time to see if I could remove it as it kinda looked out of place then I realised that the painting had co-created itself which is magic as far as I’m concerned . Twas Perfectly

placed I changed my mind. When we change our mind we change our lives.

When we make space , conspire with the power of creation amazing things happen I chose not to try to erase the extra appendage which you will see with a kinda finger and thumb with nail directed skyward.

In honour of this collaboration I chose to highlight rather than camouflage it by adding in a star a light radiance to it, make a point shall we say a bit like ET phone home. I just noticed the similarities in a picture that was taken last week while I was away which made me smile ……there is no separation. The universe speaks infinite languages be present welcome the gifts you are about to receive.

Let’s love be you’re guiding star, And peace your final frontier.

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